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A million miles journey to save the earth begins at your home !
We started our 1 st mile in 2007 and still progressing strongly !


Plant based – 0% Plastic                           

Bio world products are 100% plant based such as areca leaves and sugarcane bagasse and does not contain any chemicals (binder, lining, adhesive, laminate, or coating) added.


100% Natural and biodegradable                           

Bio world products will biodegrade naturally in the soil in 90-100 days and Works just as well for landfills too. The areca palm leaf product range is 100% Naturally compostable, and the sugarcane bagasse product range is compostable in Industrial composting plants


Microwave safe and Refrigerator friendly  

Bio world products can be safely used in a microwave, or refrigerator in temperatures from -20° C to +120° C


High Strength and reliable quality   

Bio world products offer elegance with higher tensile strength. Our products are water and oil resistance and enables various applications such as serving, packaging, take away, etc without altering the taste of food


Supports Quality Health                           

Bio world products using natural alternatives ensures health safety by reducing your exposure to BPA, carcinogens and other toxics leading you towards healthier choices.



For the Society                           

Bio world products using natural alternatives reduces harmful waste deposition in water and land ensuring a safe habitat for the flora and fauna of the world.


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